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  • Until we open a new chapter with you in 2022, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

    We would like to take the time to thank you for your trust and support.

    2021 has been a special year, and the entire Red-on-line team has been mobilized to develop and implement effective tools to protect the health and safety of your employees and to face your EHS challenges.

    Red-on-line has grown
  • What are the keys to a psychologically safer workplace?

    Webinar: Psychological health and safety at work focusing on ISO 45003

    Our experts will discuss:

    – The implications of occupational psychosocial risk
    – Content of the ISO Standard
    – Benefits of adopting the standard
    – Practical tips and roadmaps to implement the standard

  • “The acquisition of Pegasus strengthens Red-on-line’s position in Ireland and the UK”

    Red-on-line acquires Pegasus EHS Software to broaden its European Footprint

    Red-on-line, a leading EHS software and content provider announced that it acquired Pegasus Legal Register, an Irish based EHS software provider.

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  • “Explore the impact of Brexit on Health and Safety regulations”

    On-demand Webinar: Impact of Brexit on Health and Safety Regulations

    Watch the recording of our recent webinar “Impact of Brexit on Health and Safety Regulations” where we examined the current and expected changes in the Health and Safety regulations in the UK driven by Brexit.

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  • “Red-on-line helped us reduce our business risks by facilitating proactive legal compliance management”

    Chemical Case Study

    ECOLAB had growing concerns of their business risks driven by the lack of awareness of the environmental, health and safety legal compliance levels of their sites across the EMEA region. To reduce their business risks

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  • “22% of the EHS executives surveyed recognised Red-on-line as having market-leading and strong capabilities”

    Red-on-line ranked top three preferred EHS software brand by global EHS leaders

    Red-on-line emerged as the third most preferred EHS software brand for global EHS leaders in a recent survey conducted by an independent analyst.

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  • Discover what goes into a successful global EHS software implementation.

    On-demand Webinar: How to drive a successful global EHS software implementation

    Organizations rushing into EHS software selection process with a lack of clarity on their needs, governance structure and EHS workflows will undermine the EHS software success and eventually fail to address the fundamental issues that led to the decision to select a new software system. However, EHS software selection process is only half of the challenge, organizations should be wary of even more significant challenges in its implementation, especially for multi-site/multi-country projects.

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  • Red-on-line Expands Beyond Regulatory Content To Target EHS Risk Management

    Red-on-line recognized as a challenger in the Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019

    Red-on-line featured and named as an EHS Software challenger in the “EHS Software Green Quadrant 2019” report published by an independent analyst firm. The study reiterated our position as a global regulatory content specialist and reinforced our long term ambition to become a one-stop-shop vendor for content, software and consulting services in the EHS management market.

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  • We’ve been designing solutions for you for 20 years. Today, we join forces with you.

    Continuous improvement of solutions from and for our users

    At Red-on-line, our main concern is the quality of the user experience. We are convinced that our users need to be the force of innovation. This is why we are working by your side to offer personalized solutions.

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  • “Red-on-line’s EHS Software facilitate and optimize our compliance processes in 13 countries.”

    What our clients have to say

    “We were looking for a single, multi-lingual EHS Software solution with standardized processes for 13 countries. Our aim was to facilitate the management of our local correspondents, improve the reliability of our regulatory monitoring and compliance processes, and benefit from relevant EHS metrics and indicators to monitor the performance of the group’s operational sites.”

  • “We offer a unique combination of content, software, and services.”

    Laurent Pitoun, Red-on-line CEO, interviewed by CIOReview

    “Through a unique combination of content, software, and services, Red-on-line helps companies track and consolidate regulatory EHS information around the world and provides them with reliable tools to manage their overall compliance.”

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A comprehensive and integrated EHS Software solution to manage and control compliance and risks

Global and Integrated Offer

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Unrivalled in the market, our EHS Software offering combines regulatory and technological expertise available around the world: a comprehensive, integrated solution to efficiently manage your EHS risks and compliance.

Comprehensive expertise


We offer you a unique content-EHS software-services ecosystem. The synergy between the three facets of our offering means that you benefit from high value-added solutions.

Integrated solutions


Our EHS software suite has the flexibility to adapt to the challenges you face in the area of regulatory compliance and risk management, regardless of your business activities. Combined into a single multilingual EHS software platform, each of our solutions incorporates the specific characteristics of your profession, your organization, and the local regulations in effect.

International presence


We have large-scale project experience, abroad as well as in complex environments. Our organization and our EHS experts throughout 83 countries enable us to support and assist companies in every sector at each of their business sites around the world.


Long-term partnerships with our clients

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Rockwell Collins

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Published on

  • COVID-19
  • | covid 19
  • | COVID19
  • | UK

PPE Regulations amended to include casual workers

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 will be amended from 6 April to extend employers’ and employees’ duties in respect of Personal Protective Equipment to a wider group of workers, defined to include those who have more casual employment relationships than employees. By 6 April 2022, employers (...)

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Published on

  • COVID-19
  • | covid 19
  • | COVID19
  • | UK

COVID-19 different restrictions in place

This alert shows the different restrictions in place in the UK at present. England: People should work from home if they can. Face coverings must be worn in most indoor settings with the exception of hospitality premises. No social distancing rules in place. People who have tested positive (...)

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Published on

  • Risks and Health
  • | drive
  • | health and safety
  • | smoke

Smoking in vehicles is banned in NI from February

Smoking in vehicles in Northern Ireland will not be allowed from 1 February 2022. Legislation is already in place under the Smoke-free (Premises, Vehicle Operators and Penalty Notices) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007 which bans smoking in certain premises, places and vehicles including on public transport and in work (...)

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Published on

  • Energy
  • | Energy Efficiency
  • | EHS software
  • | health and safety
  • | Ireland

Exemption certificate : pressure systems forming an enclosure for high voltage equipment

The exemption issued by the HSE entered into effect on 1 December 2021 and will remain in force for five years, when it will be reviewed. The exemption is applicable to any pressure system containing an insulating and interrupting gas and forming an integral part of high voltage (HV) (...)

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Published on

  • Industrial Facilities
  • | Risks and Health
  • | UK
  • | health and safety
  • | hse
  • | Metrology

 Product Safety and Metrology amendments with guidance

The Product Safety and Metrology etc. (Amendment) Regulations 2021 enter into force on 9th December 2021 with two objectives: make provisions to ensure businesses have sufficient time to comply with new UK conformity assessment marking (UKCA) requirements in order to legally place products on the market in (...)

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Published on

  • COVID-19
  • | coronavirus
  • | covid 19
  • | COVID19

COVID-19 Precautions to take in the workplace

The government amended guidance on COVID-19 measures showing priority actions to take which will make your business safer during coronavirus. These actions can help protect staff and customers. England: Complete a health and safety risk assessment that includes the risk from COVID-19 Provide adequate ventilation Clean more (...)

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