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They help you to streamline your risk management plan and optimize your performance management.

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EHS Regulatory Monitoring and Compliance

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With our EHS Regulatory Monitoring and Compliance solution, you are aware of all the rules that apply to your business and you anticipate all regulatory changes.

Thanks to our EHS specialists, you know where to focus your compliance efforts for each of your facilities.

  • Access the regulatory requirements applicable to your activity via your customized legal register.
  • Secure your regulatory monitoring for each of your business sites and all of your business activities.
  • Decipher regulations and their changes using our legal assistance service and our online assistance tools.
  • Benefit from the support of our local EHS experts to periodically analyze the compliance of each of your business sites through compliance audits and to assist you in the deployment of efficient compliance management plans.

EHS Risk Management

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With our EHS Risk Management solution, you have a comprehensive view of your occupational and environmental risks and you improve your control over them without challenging your existing practices or methodologies.

Our EHS consultants and experts help you to map your EHS risks, define your rating criteria, and recommend an action plan for better EHS risk management plan.

  • Improve the reliability of the processes you use to identify, analyze, and classify your occupational health and safety risks and environmental aspects.
  • Personalize your risk analysis method.
  • Define preventive and corrective actions according to the results of your risk analysis, and efficiently track your indicators.
  • Consolidate your data to optimize your EHS performance.
  • Benefit from advice and risk analysis methodologies (JSA/JHA/Environmental analysis) when you need them.
  • Fully meet regulatory and normative (ISO 14 001, ISO 50 001, ISO 45001) requirements.

Incident and Event Management

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With our EHS Incident and Event Management solution, you keep track of all types of incidents or events, you analyze their causes and opportunities, you increase responsiveness, and you improve your operational and organizational performance.

The solution enables you to analyze the data from each incident and on-site event, to cross-reference them with the data from the other risk management solutions on our platform, and to implement corrective and preventive actions to improve your EHS performance.

  • Improve the reliability of your traceability and EHS incident management processes.
  • Send information safely and quickly to the key members of your organization.
  • Connect your incidents to the other modules available on your platform: occupational risk assessment, environmental analysis, emergency situations, waste management, chemical product management, etc.
  • Define the corrective and/or prevention actions
  • Improve responsiveness when faced with major incidents by controlling your incident management in real-time (by type of incident, by the department concerned, etc.).

Work Accidents

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With our Work Accidents solution, you improve your workplace accident management and optimize your safety performance.

The solution enables you to manage workplace accidents and injuries, assess the causes, and identify trends in order to implement relevant preventive actions in your company.

  • Keep track of all accident-related incidents and associated information.
  • Model and analyze root causes directly online.
  • Join corrective or preventive action plans to your cause analysis.
  • Facilitate your administrative and regulatory procedures (print applicable forms).
  • Connect your accident reports to your occupational risk analysis.
  • Track your health and safety performance using your indicators: severity rate, frequency rate, working days lost, etc.
  • Quickly identify trends by type of accident, by severity, or by area of injury thanks to personalized reporting.

Waste Management

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With our Waste Management solution, you improve your waste tracking and control while facilitating your administrative procedures.

The solution facilitates the operational management of regulatory and administrative aspects relating to your waste treatment operations. It provides comprehensive traceability of your waste activity, thereby enabling you to optimize your performance (time spent, costs and volumes).

  • Improve the traceability of your waste treatment operations from your business sites all the way to elimination.
  • Easily create your lists of industrial waste and service providers.
  • Automatically print administrative documents in accordance with regulatory requirements (Waste Manifest).
  • Access relevant indicators, in mono-site or multi-site mode, for comprehensive tracking of your industrial waste.

Objectives and Action plans

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With our Objectives and Action plans solution, you manage all of the actions identified within the framework of your risk prevention and control procedures in a cross-functional and straightforward way.

The solution offers you a cross-referenced and coordinated view of all of your actions. You save time and can streamline your action plan using objective data.

  • Structure your EHS program using a single, cross-functional module.
  • Create actions connected to all of the platform’s other modules.
  • Simplify the planning and tracking of your corrective and preventive actions.
  • Save time and obtain a comprehensive view of all the actions under your control.
  • Prioritize and keep track of your actions and assign a manager to them.
  • Manage performance by defining EHS goals.

Audits and Inspections

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With our Audit and Inspections solution, you easily conduct your audits, whether internal (systems, operational), corporate, or external (service providers, suppliers, etc.), to support your continuous improvement process.

The solution helps you to manage and plan your audits, develop them, and accumulate and compare your data.

  • Simplify the management and planning of your audits.
  • Create audit grids that can be personalized as mono-site, multi-site and multi-country.
  • Easily communicate with the teams in charge of the audit.
  • Detect disparities and identify avenues for improvement.
  • Create action plans connected to your audit results.
  • Consolidate and record your audit results and assess your performance site by site or generally.
  • Secure the traceability of your audits.
  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of our ISO 19001-certified auditing team.

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