Building Safety Bill published

The Building Safety Bill published by the UK Parliament on 5 July 2021 sets out a clear pathway for the future on how residential buildings should be constructed and maintained.

The Bill has 6 Parts, and contains provisions intended to secure the safety of people in or about buildings and to improve the standard of buildings.Part 1 is introductory

Part 2 contains provision about the building safety regulator and its functions in relation to buildings in England.

Part 3 amends the Building Act 1984.

Part 4 is about occupied higher-risk buildings in England, and imposes duties on accountable persons.

Part 5 contains further provisions:

  • (a) provisions about remediation and redress;
  • (b) provision requiring a new homes ombudsman scheme to be established;
  • (c) powers to make provision about construction products;
  • (d) further provision about fire safety;
  • (e) provision about the regulation of architects

Part 6 contains general provisions.

This bill will next be examined by the House of Commons in a 2nd reading on 21 July 2021 before heading to committee.

UK Parliament, 5 July 2021, Bill 139 2021-22 (as introduced) – “Building Safety Bill” – “New regulator at heart of building safety overhaul”

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