Act as a trusted partner, simplify your daily life

At the start of a mission, our EHS consultants conduct a full assessment of your needs. The aim: rationalize and improve your operational and organizational performance, location by location, while incorporating the specific characteristics of your human and local needs.

“Our aim is to support you over the long term with effective EHS solutions that simplify your daily life.”

You receive the benefit of dedicated assistance, a tailored digital platform, and a team of EHS experts and consultants who provide quick responses to your questions. Always at your side, we analyze and anticipate regulatory changes and their consequences for you and your company. You have the data you need to make better decisions. You can count on our experience.

A partner to

Our most precious asset: our human capital—experts in the EHS field

“Our mission is to equip our clients with effective EHS solutions and help them to become a strategic asset of the company.”

Red-on-line: a team of specialized, experienced EHS experts and consultants.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of assistance tailored to their challenges. Multinational groups are provided with a group contact person and every local business site is provided with an expert in the regulations that apply to them.

Present in 83 countries, we offer a truly local EHS support service and remain attuned to our clients’ needs. Our interaction with them guides our innovation policy and the evolution of our EHS software and services. We thus advance together, with the shared aim of making EHS regulatory compliance and risk management a strategic profession that serves companies’ economic, environmental, and social performance.

Your regulatory constraints are strategic opportunities

Red-on-line helps you to enhance the added value of the EHS function within your company.

Risk control naturally generates savings, but more importantly, it generates business opportunities.

Our solutions help you to improve the management of your risks—legal, human, environmental, and financial—and provide you with objective data to enhance it internally as well as externally.

Our approach and our solutions enable decision-makers as well as operational staff to establish a virtuous circle of performance at the local and international level.

Our commitments

  • Proximity

    Our experts cultivate a close relationship with their clients—a sign of tailored and effective support. Each and every day, you can count on a network of legal experts, consultants, and engineers:

    • Local
    • Multisectoral
    • Present in 83 countries
  • Reliability

    EHS, digital, functional, and more. Red-on-line surrounds itself with the finest experts and consultants. Our recruitment criteria are exceedingly strict. You can therefore count on:

    • Reliable regulatory content
    • Lasting EHS software
    • Controlled deployment processes
  • Efficiency

    Red-on-line is committed to the daily improvement of its clients’ performance by providing:

    • A comprehensive and scalable EHS software platform
    • Flexible and personalized solutions
    • Methodical and efficient EHS support services
  • Simplicity

    Red-on-line has the firm belief that, in a complex and ever-changing environment, the most important thing is to simplify through:

    • An intelligent, flexible EHS software platform
    • An ergonomic and intuitive interface
    • Features for improved monitoring and collaboration

Our offices worldwide

  • Red-on-Line Headquarters

    Antony Parc II
    10 place du Général de Gaulle
    92290 Antony

    • +33 (0)1 77 92 92 92
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  • Red-on-Line UK

    5th floor, 133 Houndsditch
    London – EC3A 7BX
    United Kingdom

    • +44 (0) 207 316 9000
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  • Red-on-line Germany

    BauNetz Media GmbH
    Schlüterstraße 42
    10707 Berlin

    • +49 30 887 263 00
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  • Red-on-line Spain

    City Park Cornellà, Ed. Roma, 3ª Planta
    Crta de l’hospitalet 147
    08940 Cornellà de llobregat

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  • Red-on-Line USA

    55 Broad Street
    22nd Floor
    New York, NY 10004

    • +1 646 736 1888
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  • Red-on-Line Hong Kong, China

    Groupe Infopro Digital
    Unit 1704-05,
    Berkshire House, Taikoo Place
    25 Westlands Road – Quarry Bay

    • +852 3411 4888
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  • Red-on-Line Italie

    Groupe Infopro Digital
    Via Adriatica, 37
    Frazione Basaldella
    33030 Campoformido

    • +39 0432 561543
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  • Red-on-line Belgique

    Groupe Infopro Digital
    Avenue du Bourgmestre Etienne Demunter 3 – Jette
    1090 Bruxelles

    • +32 2 420 68 60
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  • Red-on-Line Tunisie

    Groupe Infopro Digital
    1, rue des Métiers
    ZI Charguia II
    2035 Tunis Carthage

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